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The Vortza app provides runners with personal, meaningful, and actionable insights into their progress towards their goals. Flexible smart training suggestions build confidence, motivate, and minimize the risk of injuries for the runner. This way, every participant is well-prepared at the start of your event.

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What do we offer runners?

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Vortza vouchers

Vortza kortings-vouchers

A Vortza voucher entitles a user to use the app with a 6 months 25% discount.

Vouchers can be bought by the participant through your existing registration system. Vortza already integrated with and Racetimer Europe.

All revenues from the sale of the vouchers go directly to your organization.

The wins!

Additional revenue

The proceeds from the Vortza vouchers you sell are entirely and directly for your organization.

Well prepared participants

Each participant is assisted in choosing a suitable goal and receives a personalized training approach.

Reduced risk of incidents

Because participants are prepared at the starting line, there will be fewer dropouts due to a lack of preparation.


Sales price of the voucher can be determined by the organization. The example below includes €2 vouchers.



  1. Jenni goes to the website of your event to register.

Vortza voucher

  1. During the registration process, she has the option to purchase a voucher for free use of Vortza.


  1. After completing her registration for the race, she receives a separate confirmation email from Vortza with her personal voucher.

Start training

  1. After installing the Vortza app, Jenni can enter her voucher and start training!


  • Jenni buys a voucher for €2 with a total value of €18 (6x25% discount).



  1. In the registration module, the organization can easily indicate that Vortza vouchers will be offered.

Vortza voucher

  1. In the portal, you can specify the price at which the voucher will be offered to the participants.


  1. The additional income from each sold voucher goes directly to the organization, in addition to the regular registration fees.


  • Vortza vouchers are offered at €2 each.

  • There are 350 participants who purchase a voucher.

The total revenue for the organization is €700.


These organizations preceded you...

"We believe it's important that our participants enjoy our events to the fullest. Adequate preparation is essential for that. Vortza assists with this, and in a personalized way. Excellent!"

Le Champion


"We think Vortza is a good fit for our running event because many of our participants are novice runners and are working towards their first 5 of 10 kilometers. For us as an organization it takes little effort and we choose Vortza to be able to offer something extra to our participants."

Singelloop Woerden


"As organizers and participants of the Vuurtorenloop on Vlieland, we experience Vortza as an excellent training partner. With its tailor-made training schedules, Vortza helps us prepare optimally for the unique and challenging routes of the Vuurtorenloop. The app's ability to adapt to our personal training levels and goals makes it a valuable tool in our running training. It encourages us to train in a balanced manner, helping us to be at our best on the day of the run."

Stichting Decuria Events


"Custom Made Sport has been training various athletes for years, from runners to tennis players. And, as with any athlete, we know that the structure of training is important in combination with rest periods - all to bring out the best in you and, most importantly, to prevent injuries.

Therefore, we, the Zoetermeer Half Marathon, have chosen to collaborate with Vortza to provide a training schedule for all participants in the Zoetermeer Half Marathon. What made the biggest match between Vortza and Custom Made Sport is that Vortza's training schedules are also personalized! Based on your performance, the workouts and rest periods are tailored. We look forward to seeing everyone well-prepared at the start of the 11th edition of HMZ on January 21, 2024."

Custom Made Sport


"We, as the organization of the colorful running and walking event 'Hollen door de Bollen', have chosen Vortza as our training partner. If you seek confirmation of progress toward your running goal to be well-prepared for the start on April 14th, Vortza, with its custom-made training schedules, is very valuable for you! No complicated graphs, but clear feedback that you can immediately work with! This way, 'Hollen door de Bollen' will be the run where you break your records!"

Roparun Team Bollenstreek