About us

We believe that every runner deserves personalized and adaptive guidance in achieving their goals.

Year founded


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Goals set

We are runners with a passion for data.

Experts in data

With a proven track record in data science, we want to improve our sport with meaningful guidance driven by in-depth data analysis.

Motivated by ambition

As runners, we constantly monitor and improve our training routine in order to achieve our goals.

Meet our team


Driven by sport data, Jonatan decided to start analysing his own sport data 10 years ago.

Current Vortza models and analysis are the result of years of research and testing.

Current goal
10k in 38min


Interested and skilled in utilizing the added value of data, Mark implemented data solutions in different industries.

Experienced in running trying different training methods motivates Mark in creating a healthy, personalized, and fuss free approach for all runners.

Current goal
21k in 1hr 22min

How the Vortza algorithm evolved

How the Vortza algorithm evolved


First analysis was done on personal Strava data in order to get insights in our personal training routine.


Sports data platform was build in spare time and usable for others, Fithaxx was born.


First 1000+ users are using the insights in their training routines. Besides, more features were introduced that supported the runner to train smarter.


The Vortza app was developed and connected to the intelligence of the sports data platform. Several training algorithms were built for 5km, 10km, Half marathon and Marathon. Vortza was released to the app stores.